Sharpener for ceramic knives

Sharpener for ceramic knives

Ceramic knife is a great addition to any kitchen and you can find out why reading about them on our dedicated ceramic knife category page. They are well known for their super powers, like the extreme lightness and ability to stay sharp for years. But there comes a time when even the sharpest knife needs to be honed. And when you consider that they are made from a material similar to a space shuttle covering then you realize the complexity of the task.

There is no use of trying to whet ceramic blade with a standard sharpener because they were not designed for this purpose. One of the leading manufacturers – Kyocera from Japan, provides its clients with a lifelong guarantee to sharpen their products for free with the customer having to pay only the shipment fee. However, as you might have guessed, this works only for Kyocera ceramic knives.

Your way around to grind down ceramic knives

But if your knife just happened to be not from Kyocera or, for some reason, you do not want to wait for your ceramic helper to travel across the Pacific there is a solution. It is called a diamond knife sharpener and this thing can put an edge even to a blunted ceramic blade. Moreover they are quite universal and designed to sharpen the metal knives as well.

Inside the diamond sharpener box

Although you won’t find actual diamonds in the box, you can surely look for plenty of useful options inside:

  • There are two kinds of sharpeners – the manual and electric ones, which is self-explanatory.

  • All sharpeners for ceramic knives have a guide channel (where you put the blade) to keep the knife at the best angle.

  • Electric knives can have an automatic pressure regulator that won’t let you grind off too much from your knife

  • There are safety features against ceramic or metal powder that is produced in the process of whetting

Cool looking and very useful, ceramic knife sharpener will prolong the life of your knives while making you want to hone them more often.