A Hobbit Lord of the Rings LORT Full Size Real Steel Sword Knife Crusader Medieval Glamdring The White Wizard Sword

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Product Information

Product code: 29347 UPC: 600518334675 Brand: Color: Silver Blade


A replica like Glamdring The White Wizard Sword of Gandalf

A massive Full Size over all size of 46 1/2"

Blade - Stainless Steel; Blue Handle, Elvish writing on he handguard just like in the movie.

Includes dispaly plaque

If you are going to purchase a sword get the full size one. This item is not like the other guys that are smaller & with a thin flimsy blade. This is a real sword with a real thick stainless steel blade.


Product Description

A Hobbit Crusader Medieval Sword Specs: Blade - Stainless Steel Overall Size is a massive: 46 1/2" The handgaurd of the sword is engraved with the writing of the elvish language. The handel of the sword is blue just like in the movie. Extra wide blade not like most of the blade on the internet that you see are only an inch wide this is double that sizes! This sword is also much heavier than others swords one the internet! The blade is semi-sharp & can be sharpened more, but this is a service we do not offer. Also include a large hardwood wall Plaque 17"X12" Get this awesome movie repica prop today!