Aboden 2 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener with Stainless Steel Handle and EVA Non-Slip Base

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Product Information

Product code: 5560 UPC: 753210746038 Brand: Color: Black


<b>Best Results Assured<b> - Rods are preset at optimum edge angles for precision

<b>Safety Matters<b> - Large stainless steel handle with safety guard for security and stability. Soft, cushioned non-slip base for easy control

<b>Pleasant to Use<b> - Only requires 3 to 4 strokes to restore a keen sharpness

<b>Pleasant to Clean<b> - Pinch then pull out the sharpening slots periodically; shake out and dispose of the metal sharpening dust

<b>Aboden Touch<b> - We at Aboden diligently strive to bring you products that make your home more delightful every day


Product Description

A dull knife is a dangerous knife. Seasoned cooks know that keeping your knives sharp is the key to avoiding forced, dangerous slips. Aboden 2-stage knife sharpener is a well-made sharpening system that precisely sharpens straight-edge knives, including chef knives, butcher knives, Asian-style knives and sport knives. It is easy to use and manufactured with the user's safety in mind.With preset angled rods, you can utilize the "Coarse", or "Fine" slot, depending on how dull the knife is. For a damaged and dull straight-edged steel knife, the "Coarse" slot features premium tungsten carbide steel rods that quickly remove damage to the dull edge of the blade. If your knife is already sharp and simply requires a small fix, you can use the "Fine" slot, which accommodates fine ceramic rods for honing. Just gently pull your knife through the mechanism three or four times for a honed, razor-sharp finish to the blade.The large stainless steel handle with safety guard ensures a secure and comfortable grip, and the soft, cushioned non-slip base provides a stable platform during sharpening motions.We at Aboden diligently strive to bring you products that make your home more delightful every day.Note:●Do not exert too much downward pressure on your knife. This may affect the precise correct angle of the sharpening rods.●This knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated knives, not dishwasher safe, and mustn't be submerged in water.