Aboden 3 Stage Stainless Steel Cylinder Manual Knife Sharpener with Rubber Base

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Product Information

Product code: 6002 UPC: 811789015815 Brand: Color: Stainless Steel


<b>Best Results Assured<b> -- Rods are preset at optimum edge angles for precision every time

<b>Safety Matters<b> -- Large, firm handle for safety and stability. Slip-resistant base for easy control

<b>Pleasant to Use<b> -- Only requires 3 to 4 strokes to restore a keen sharpness

<b>Durablelity with Style<b> -- Made of stainless steel and nestled into a non-slip base, the sleek streamlined design fits any kitchen

<b>Aboden Touch<b> -- We at Aboden diligently strive to bring you products that make your home more delightful every day


Product Description

A dull knife is a dangerous knife. Seasoned cooks know that keeping your knives sharp is the key to avoiding dangerous slips. The Aboden 3-stage knife sharpener with its sleek streamlined design is stylish yet functional. It can precisely sharpen straight-edge knives, including chef knives, butcher knives, Asian-style knives and sport knives. The One-piece stainless steel unit is nestled into a non-slip ABS plastic base. It is easy to use and manufactured with the user's safety in mind."Stage 1" (closest to the handle) features coarse-grind diamond abrasives to reshape and rejuvenate damaged or extremely blunt edges. If the knife is only moderately dull, "Stage 2" (in the middle) uses medium-grind diamond abrasives to sharpen knives with moderately dull edges. This stage is the beginning stage for most of your knife sharpening projects. "Stage 3" accommodates a set of extra-fine ceramic abrasive wheels for extreme finishing. To keep your knives sharp run them through "Stage 3" after each time you use them.The large, tubular, stainless steel handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip, and the slip-resistant rubber base provides a stable platform during sharpening motions.We at Aboden diligently strive to bring you products that make your home more delightful every day.Note:●Do not exert too much downward pressure on your knife. This may affect the precise correct angle of the sharpening rods.●This knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated or ceramic knives, not dishwasher safe, and mustn't be submerged in water.