Aboden Come-Apart All-Purpose Kitchen Shear, Stainless Steel, Teal

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Product Information

Product code: 20111 UPC: 642896992634 Brand: Color: Teal


Top Performance Blades - The precision-sharp, unique curved blades with micro-serration in tempered high-carbon stainless steel for easier, non-slippery cutting and durability

Sturdy, Balanced, and Non-Slip Handles - Large D-shaped ABS handles with a synthetic grip reduce slipping when your hands are wet or oily, and they are good for right and left handed cutting. Full tang extension keeps the handles from breaking off and provides good balance

Powerful Leverage - Enhanced leverage makes tough cutting jobs easier

Versatility - Features a built-in opener-nutcracker into the handle, and a bottle opener on the blade

Detachable - Completely come apart for easy effective cleaning, and sharpening


Product Description

Your kitchen isn't complete without a pair of all-purpose shears. For those who want to do many things with one pair of shears, these Aboden shears do it all. As versatile as they are efficient, they're great for everything; take apart a whole chicken; snip dried fruit; harvest fresh herbs; trim flowers; prep vegetables; shape parchment paper for baking pans; clean crabs or half lobsters. You can even crush walnuts and open bottle caps. Try it. You'll be surprised by the various cooking and prep-related tasks that this everyday device can simplify.Precision-sharp, unique curved in heat treated tempered high-carbon stainless steel, the bottom blade is micro-serrated to grip slippery foods, while the top blade is smooth to ensure a clean cut and durability.The large D-shaped ABS handles with a synthetic grip are good for right or left hand, give you a soft comfortable cushion like feel when cutting through tough materials, and reduce slipping when your hands are wet or oily. The full tang extension (the blade extends all the way down in one piece to the end of the handles) prevents the handles from breaking off or twisting out of shape and provides superb balance.Placement of the rivet further down the blade provides extra leverage and enables the user to exert the necessary force when cutting through dense materials with less hand strength.The detachable blades separate for easy, effective cleaning and sharpening. Food particles won't remain in the pivot screw to become a breeding ground for bacteria.Additional features include: bottle opener on the blade, toothed grip inserts on the inner handles for cracking bones and nuts, and opening stubborn jars, which are surprisingly handy in the kitchen.Care:• Hand-wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse and dry immediately.• Sharpen at home using a sharpener designed for scissors, or have them sharpened by a professional.