Abundant Chef® In-Drawer Bamboo Kitchen Knife Storage Block, Organizer and Holder Premium Quality!

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Product Information

Product code: 13821 UPC: 820103725606 Brand: Color: golden brown


In-drawer knife block can hold 10-15 knives (up to 16 knives depending on size and design of the knives)

Made with eco-friendly, bacteria resistant, highly compressed, Moso bamboo

17 inches x 5.25 inches x2 inches (fits most common knife drawers)

Easy to wash and maintain

Adds space to your countertop!


Product Description

The Abundant Chef Bamboo In-Drawer Knife Block is exactly what you need to hold and organize your kitchen knives! Below are just a few of the benefits of this bamboo knife block: FREE UP COUNTER SPACE Never clutter your counter again! This knife block sits comfortably inside most kitchen drawers. Measuring 16.9 X 5.3 X 1.9 inches, this block will perfectly add organization to your kitchen while eliminating clutter! ECO-FRIENDLY, NATURAL MATERIAL Bamboo is a renewable resource. Bamboo grows 13 feet every year. It can be easily harvested every few years without without reducing the size of the field. Furthermore, cutting the plant down will not kill it. In fact, cutting bamboo allows it to grow stronger! Bamboo has become a viable alternative to wood and other material due to it's renewable, eco-friendly and natural anti-bacterial properties! EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN Simply hand-wash with soap and water to clean. Occasional application of food-grade mineral oil will help maintain the block's moisture and shine! KEEPS YOUR KNIVES SOLID, SHARP AND SANITARY Storing your knives in the Bamboo Knife Block will prevent your knives from dulling or breaking and will also keep them clean thanks to Bamboo's natural anti-bacterial properties! THE ABUNDANT CHEF ADVANTAGE Abundant Chef is a U.S. family owned company. we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Our customer service is top notch and our products are backed up by a 100% quality guarantee as well as our hassle-free warranty. Furthermore, we offer free resources and bonuses to customers! PLEASE SEE FREE RESOURCES FROM ABUNDANT CHEF FOR FURTHER INFORMATION