Actorstion 15 Piece Lock Pick Set with Transparent Blue Padlock and Lock Picking Ebook - Includes Stainless Steel Locksmith Picks,

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Product Information

Product code: 18622 UPC: 606345250393 Brand: Color: Black


Actorstion Honest Stainless Steel,Perfect lock Opener Kit for Player Training

Order This with a Transparent Padlock,This Set Has Everything You Need to Learn How to Pick a Lock

A Very Hand bag to Keep Your Tools Together. The Red PVC Covered the Picks and Protect Them Well

The Kit Comes with 15 Picks,Can be the Spare Part in Your Toolboxes and Make Jobs Easier

Well Built. Picking Metal is Sturdy,Could Be a Special Gift and Funny Toy,A Friendly Customer Support Stand Behind Their Items


Product Description

UNLOCK PADLOCKS, DOOR LOCKS, FILE CABINETS, TOOL SHEDS, BIKE LOCKS, AND EVEN SOME CARS with this beautiful lock pick set. This is one of the HIGHEST RATED lock picking tool kits and is all you'll ever need to buy. Don't settle for the cheap stuff - get something that will LAST. THESE PICKS WON'T HURT YOUR FINGERS: Our lock picks are rounded on the edges and come with removable pads so you can use them for hours without getting cuts, bruises, or callouses on your fingers. Cheap lock pick tools have harsh angular edges that cause pain after minutes of use. CLEAR PRACTICE LOCK: Being able to see how the pick moves the pins in the lock is extremely helpful for beginner lock pickers. Your skills will transfer from the see through training lock to real life situations. Professional locksmiths need a wide variety of tools and accessories to stock their toolboxes and make jobs easier We have tons of common locksmith tools used frequently as well as some innovative locksmith tools and accessories You will find key decoders, lock and safe scopes, plug followers, locksmith tweezers, turning tools and more at Bullkeys lock shop. Package Includes: 15x Lock Pick Set 1x Clear Practice Lock 1x Hand Bag 1x Quick Start e-Guide