Actorstion 32 Piece Lock Pick Extractor Set for Beginners with Leather Packing Scissors + Transparent Blue Padlock for Unlocking Practice

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Product Information

Product code: 27013 UPC: 606345250409 Brand: Color: Black


UNLOCK PADLOCKS, DOOR LOCKS, FILE CABINETS, TOOL SHEDS, BIKE LOCKS, AND EVEN SOME CARS with this beautiful lock pick set. This is one of the HIGHEST RATED lock picking tool kits on Amazon and is all you'll ever need to buy. Don't settle for the cheap stuff - get something that will LAST.

THESE PICKS WON'T HURT YOUR FINGERS: Our lock picks are rounded on the edges and come with removable pads so you can use them for hours without getting cuts, bruises, or callouses on your fingers. Cheap lock pick tools have harsh angular edges that cause pain after minutes of use.

CLEAR PRACTICE LOCK: Being able to see how the pick moves the pins in the lock is extremely helpful for beginner lock pickers. Your skills will transfer from the see through training lock to real life situations.

2016 LOCK PICKING EBOOK GUIDE: We created a new 6 page ebook just for our customers that will teach you the knowledge needed to pick 90% of locks in your everyday life. Sent straight to your email after your order ships (be sure to check the spam folder of the email account you registered on Amazon with).

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you're unsatisfied with this locksmith set for any reason we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked.


Product Description

Premium High Quality 32 Pcs Lock Pick Set and Clear Practice Padlock. Comes with Quick Start e-Guide! NO HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY! "Pop Your First Lock!" - Have you always wanted to learn the fun and challenging skill of Lock Picking (also know as Locksport)? - Have you ever been locked out of your house, then watched the locksmith open the door in 20 seconds and said, "WOW, I wish I could do that!"? - Do you want to own a High Quality set of tools that will Last You a Lifetime? Introducing the NEW Top Secret Actorstion Practice Lock System. When you click on the buy now button you will begin your Secret Mission to learn the covert skill of lock picking! - Comes with a Quick Start e-Guide designed to help you "Pop Your First Lock" in record time. You can also register as a Actorstion member for awesome insider practice videos. - The Clear Practice Pad Lock allows you to study the inner workings while learning the feel of your Brand New High Quality Tools. - Don't settle for cheap spring steel or imitation tools that will instantly break on you. We only sell the best quality tools and we stand behind them. Not only are they better quality... you can also open locks faster and easier with them. Buyers Trust our Actorstion Brand to be High Quality Products, and Now these same Premium Tools are available to You on Amazon! PLUS... You are backed by our NO HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY. If a tool breaks or you are unhappy, just return for a full refund or exchange. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We Cannot Guarantee Today's Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click BUY NOW!