Advanced Knife Defense

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Product Information

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Brand Name: BAYVIEW ENTERTAINMENT LLC Mfg#: 874482005996

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Genre: How-To: Self Defense

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Product Description

For experienced martial artists, the Advanced Knife Defense DVD shows you how to effectively disarm an attacker and turn his weapon against him in self-defense. Learn a wide range of defensive techniques against cutting, thrusting, stabbing, slashing, armed restraints, chokes, ground pins and headlocks. Solutions for even the most hopeless situations, with a strong focus on disarming an attacker on the ground. Also includes tactical analysis of force lines, vulnerabilities of the knife-wielding attacker, the use of leverage, use of the strategic retreat and preemptive strikes. Bonus: New never before seen footage over 25 new techniques that were not included in the original Knife Defense video series.Includes: * Tactical analysis of direct, circular and divided force* Vulnerabilities: where and when to attack* Use of leverage to gain an advantage over a stronger attacker* Takedowns to a restraint position on the ground* Advanced wrist and arm locks* Ground disarms including escapes from front, side and rear headlocks, chokes, front and rear pins and arm locks* Tactics to defuse threatening situations* 47 Sample practice scenarios with variations