Adventure Mate 5 in 1 Multi Purpose "ORIGINAL" Tool Includes Campers Axe, Hammer, Shovel, Saw and Peg/Pot Hook

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Product Information

Product code: 15476 UPC: 863874000213 Brand: Color: Stone Washed Black


Sharp Hatchet crafted with top of the line blade steel to maintain its edge, with handy inbuilt nail puller. High Performance Saw has a 6.7" blade with fine, needle teeth and stores safely inside the handle pole

Sturdy Hammer with 1" diameter head. Pointed Spade Head locks firmly into place on the handle pole. Curved Hook doubles as a Stake puller or Bottle opener for cracking a cold one

Handle Pole acts as a handle for the Hatchet, Spade & Saw when in situ and stores saw blade when not in use. Leather Safety Sheath protects hatchet blade when not in use. Holster is made of heavy duty lined canvas with sturdy belt loop

Made from high quality AS1442-2007 carbon rolled steel with minimum 5% Chromium grade 1045 content to protect against corrosion. Guaranteed to be free from defects in materials & workmanship

The Unique Australian ADVENTURE MATE is a high quality practical 5 in 1 Tool Ideal When Off Roading • Four Wheeling & SUVing • Backpacking • Expeditionists • Tent Camping • Pop-up Camping • RVers • Boondocking • Canoeing • Kayaking • Outward Bounders • Cadets, Scouts • Military Personnel • Hunters • Fishermen • Disaster Recovery Staff • Motorcyclists • Preppers & Survivalists • Any Outdoor Enthusiast


Product Description

GREAT QUALITY BUILT TO LAST CARRY LESS, ADVENTURE MORE The high quality Australian ADVENTURE MATE is a unique 5 in 1 Multi-functional Tool for Outdoor Enthusiasts specifically designed for Camping, Off Road Sports and Outdoor Activities of all kinds. This robust, versatile tool consists of a Hatchet, Hammer, Hook, Saw and Spade all stored neatly and compactly in a heavy duty, lined Canvas Holster with belt loop.  IDEAL FOR: *Off Roaders *Four Wheel Drivers  *Expeditionists *Tent Campers  Pop-up Campers  *RVers Boondockers  *Canoers  Kayakers *Outward Bounders *Cadets, Scouts *Military Personnel  *Hunters,  Fishermen  *Disaster Recovery Staff *Motorcyclists  *Preppers Survivalists *Any Outdoor Enthusiast Keep in the back of your SUV, truck or car to be prepared for emergencies Ideal gift for the outdoorsy guy or gal who has everything Original has a unique Stone Washed black finish The Premium model is grind hand polished to a silver-like finish (see Original model for a unique stone washed black finish) The Adventure Mate will be your lifeline to survival. THIS WILDERNESS SURVIVAL GEAR Includes 5 Multifunction Tools. Trench or dig your fire pit with the compacted Shovel. Remove limbs with the ever sharp Saw. Pound in the tent stakes with the Hammer and remove them or crack open a cold one with the Hook. Remove the leather safety blade cover from the hatchet and chop your campfire wood. All tools store inside an easy to carry Holster. This sturdy interlocking tool will make any man (or woman) proud to own it.   BE PREPARED for adventures, emergencies or any situations by keeping one in your SUV, truck, car, RV, or any vehicle