Aitor Oso Blanco Fixed Blade Knife

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Product Information

Product code: 25669 UPC: 886511125162 Brand: Color: Jungle Green


Made using the highest quality materials

Tested for reliability

Traditional Spanish style survival knife. 12 1/4 overall. 7 1/4 satin Polished stainless Clip point blade with deep bellied fore-end and double-cut sawback


Product Description

A it or knives is dedicated to make mount knives, survival knives, Bowie knives, hunting knives, Luxe knives, scuba diving knives, big knives, throwers knives, kangaroo knives. It was founded on 1939 and in his first time the production was bound to the sector cutler and hardware dealer, later is oriented towards the Red multipurpose pocket knife and the sport knife type. Following with its evolution, we arrived finally with the Green line of multipurpose pocket knives and to the survival knives, through which the military and police market was approached.