Alaskan Ulu, Inupiat Style with Polar Bear Etched Handle, 6"

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Product Information

Product code: 21678 UPC: 757964777775 Brand: Color: brown gold silver steel light wood dark wood walnut


Traditional Alaskan Utility Knife

Versatile Cutting Ability

Easy to Clean and Maintain Fine Stainless Steel Blade

Golden Alaskan Birch Handle

Made In Alaska, USA


Product Description

The Ulu is a knife with a semi-circular blade originally crafted by the native Alaskan people over three thousand years ago. Styled for utility, this design comes from the Inupiat indians of North Western Alaska. The blade (world-class stainless steel with a single beveled edge) measures 6 inches and has a four inch Golden Alaskan Birchwood handle. The knife comes with a convenient Birch storage stand as well. The Ulu performs cutting and chopping jobs with the greatest of ease. Because the center of force is concentrated directly over the middle of the blade, it creates twice the direct downward force compared to that of conventional cutlery where the force is behind the center of the blade. Anyone, including those with hand or wrist problems, can perform cutting, chopping and mincing tasks effortlessly, as a result of this dynamic feature. This makes the Ulu excelllent for cutting all sorts of meats, herbs, vegetables, cheeses, and even pizza. These larger handle ULUs with the open blade are very popular with the avid Ulu user. Works very well with the Ulu Block & Bowl cutting block.