ALL in ONE Outdoor Survival Gear Camping Shovel Multi Tool Shtf & Bob Must Have Top Quality

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Product Information

Product code: 10770 UPC: 639738725307 Brand: Color: black


Steel head, Shovel, Hoe, Axe, Demo edge, Can opener, Multi use gut hook. Hammer, Glass Beaker Spike

Wire cutters, scissors, cutting shears

Handsaw, twin row toothed handsaw, knife sharp blade, spear fork

Flashlight, high low and beacon. AA battery included. Stunning strobe light

Hollow aluminum handles with silicon grips for great ergonomics. Everything screws together. This isn't some lightweight foldable hinged military type camping shovel want to be...


Product Description

OutDoor Survival Tool. Camping Shovel Multi function tool. The must have multi function heavy duty portable travel compact size survival foldable spade on the market