Altoids Tin Emergency Fire Can Starting Kit: Pocket Fire Tin Making Kit Survival Kit

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Product Information

Product code: 24165 UPC: 758330006734 Brand: Color: Black


Survival Tin

Ferrocerium Rod

Jute Twine

Magnifying Lens

Cotton material for making charcloth


Product Description

Pocket Fire Making Kit/Survival Kit Emergency Fire Starting Kit - Survival Tin - Ferrocerium Rod - Jute Twine - Magnifying Lens - Cotton cloth for making charcloth Safety In A Can The ability to make a fire when in an emergency situation can be the most critical ability one can possess. Not much is needed to build a fire, & what is needed can be carried on your person at all times. This fire starting kit is held in a 3 1/2 by 2 1/4 inch metal tin, similar to an Altoids tin. This kit provides various combinations of making fire. The tin can also be used to build your own customized personal survival kit or emergency first aid kit. Kit Fits In Shirt Or Cargo Pocket, Purse, Glove Compartment - 2 fire starting implements included: ferro rod & magnifying lens. 3 types of tinder are included: cotton cloth (for charcloth), jute twine & piece of fat wood. Instructions for how to make charcloth are included. 2 ranger bands included. Guarantee Your Safety Fire is one of the most crucial elements to survival. It's needed for cooking food, purifying water for drinking, personal hygiene, uplifting spirits in emergency situations, etc. With a kit that's as small as a cell phone or wallet, & can be carried in a shirt or coat pocket, you have no reason not to carry one & be prepared. When you purchase the Pocket Fire Making Kit, be assured that the kit will contain all the elements aforementioned. Take it out in your backyard & practice with it in a controlled setting. This will better prepare you for when an unplanned emergency situation arises. If something is missing from your kit, or you have questions regarding the use of the kit, please contact us as soon as possible. If you're not satisfied with the kit, return for a refund; its that simple.