Amazingli Wood Carving Knife Tool Kit SK2 Alloy Blades Proffessional Wood Carving Hand Chisels Set with Sharpening Whetstone and Pouch

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Product Information

Product code: 18394 UPC: 712324965346 Brand: Color: wood


High Quality SK2 Alloy with Electrolylic Coating & Razor Sharp Blade: Perfect wood carving projects with stencils and patterns, antique furniture, any miniature or micro models, spoons, bowls, box or animals, such as eagles, fish or even bears. Suiable for linoleum, clay sculpture and soapstone

Come with two-sided sharpening stone, perfect for jewelers, lapidary use, hobbies, crafts, craft modeling, home repair, students, beginner or professional Carving workers

12 Different Size of Blade: Suitable for deep gouge, medium gouge, shallow gouge, narrow straight chisel, wide straight chisel, rounded chisel, 4 angled knives / chisels, parting tool, pinpoint tool

DIY Necessity: Carve your own words, or patterns on wood, furmiture, jade, metal, etc., make it special

Easy to handle & Use: The handle is made of high-quality harden wood, with smooth surface, elegance & beautiful and comfortable to use


Product Description

Product Details: * Material: Wood + Alloyed Steel * Weight: 12.5oz / 350g * Size: 5.5 inch / 14 cm * Knife Head length: 2.5 cm / approx. 1 inches * Application: wood, porcelain, metal, jade, etc. Product Features: -- Bright and Clean Surface: The tool bit is made of high-quality SK12 alloy. It has high hardness to ensurethe tool bit durable to use. -- Sharp Blade: The blade is polished for twice. The curving is easily and labor-saving. -- Tool bit of different sizes and shapes: You can use them with flexibly and will definitely feel satisfied with them. -- High-quality Wooden Handle: The handle is made of high-quality wood. Elegance and beautiful surface, comfortable and reliable to use. -- Alloy Steel Tool Bit: The tool bit is made of high-quality alloyed steel. It is sharp and durable with high flexibility. 12pcs Sticks Internal Knife Includes: 1pc Triangular knife wide 5.7mm 1pc Round knife width 7.1mm 1pc Sharp knife width 7.7mm 1pc Supported skew machete width 6.0mm 1pc Small knife width 5.1mm 1pc Large flat blade width 6.9mm 1pc Right angle knife width 3.0mm 1pc Left diagonal knife width 5.5mm 1pc Right angle knife width 7.0mm 1pc Small semicircle arc knife width 4.5mm 1pc Semicircle arc knife width 6.6mm 1pc Semicircle arc knife width 8.5mm Package Includes: 12 pcs (1 Set)