American Boy Scout Compass Antique Vintage Brass Compass

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Product Information

Product code: 9869 UPC: 046928024315 Brand: Color: Brass Antique


Ground dial: 3 Inches , Lid compass Boy Scout

Material used: Brass , Manufacturer : Collectiblesbuy ( please see seller to get original stamped Compass )

Color: polished to Antique finish,usage: vintage navigational / collectibles

Well packed in Corrugated box, Volume weight: 0.500 kg

Item is listed and Sold Exclusively by Collectibles Buy


Product Description

Magnetic compass is a vintage navigational instrument used by sailors & travelers. This vintage theme based compass is marked with american boy scout , classical design which have been used for many years key points : 1 magnetic compass lie down from south pole to north pole 2 brass made compass is polished to antique finish and gives authentic look 3 lid mechanism protect compass from accident 4 can be used as a gift item also can be distributed to people on special occasion like marriage and other functions