Ankway Ceramic Kitchen Knives, 9-Piece Durable Rust Proof Knife Set (4 knives, 4 covers and 1 peeler)

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Product Information

Product code: 14400 UPC: 700115358958 Brand: Color: Black Blade


DURABLE: High-quality ceramic knives which can be used for a long time

LIGHT WEIGHT: Lighter than the metal knife, easy to carry and store

MORE HEALTHY: Don't absorb any food element, keep the original taste and the color

RUST PROOF: Made from ceramic material, no rust, keep you away from germ and bacteria

SHARP ENOUGH: No need sharpening, works well for slicing boneless meats, fruits and vegetables


Product Description

Ankway Ceramic Kitchen Knife, Multifunctional & Safe Experience Color: Black Material: Ceramic Package: 1 X 6"" Chef Knife with Sheath 1 X 5"" Utility Knife with Sheath 1 X 4"" Fruit Knife with Sheath 1 X 3"" Paring Knife with Sheath 1 X Peeler Note: Ceramic knives should be used on silicone,wooden, plastic or bamboo cutting boards only. Using these knives on glass, marble, or tile can cause the blades to chip or break. The knives are ideal for cutting fruit, vegetables and boneless meats. Do no use these knives for carving, boning or prying.