Ansen Tools Grit Sharp AS-409 6-Inch Double-Sided Extra Wide Diamond Whetstone Sharpener Coarse/Fine in Compact Case with Non-Skid Rubber Base

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Product Information

Product code: 5664 UPC: 628586986831 Brand: Color: Grey


Double-sided (Coarse 360 grit - Fine 600 grit) each with monocrystalline advanced technology

Coarse surface (360 grit) quickly restores a dull edge and the fine diamond surface (600 grit) will bring back a razor sharp edge

Sharpens the toughest materials like tool steel, carbide and ceramics

Ideal for machine tools, cutlery knives, woodworking tools

The sharpener sits in a compact case with a non-skid rubber base


Product Description

Grit Sharp offers an all purpose, double-sided diamond sharpener in a compact case with a non-skid rubber base. This sharpener has a coarse 360 grit and a fine 600 grit, each with monocrystalline advanced technology. The coarse surface grit will quickly restore a damaged or dull edge and the fine surface grit allows you to bring back a razor sharp edge.The two stage sharpening with an interrupted surface and a continuous surface, offers an ideal, all-purpose sharpener. It will sharpen the toughest materials, including tool steel, carbide and ceramics. The sharpener has two 6 1/8" x 2 1/4" diamond surfaces. It is ideal for machine tools, woodworking tools, garden tools and all cutlery knives. Sharpen dry or with water.