Antarctic Krill Oil Omega 3 Supplement By Naturo Sciences - 100% K-REAL™ Contains: EPA, DHA, Omega-6, Phospholipids, Astaxanthin 60 Softgels,

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Product Information

Product code: 25915 UPC: 076956145805 Brand: Color: Black


OUR KRILL OIL uses 100% advanced K-REAL Krill Oil free from impurities!

NO FISHY BURPS; forget uncomfortable fishy burps, K -REAL oil uses an advanced multi stage oil extraction process to significantly reduce the fishy taste.

FREE FROM IMPURITIES; multi stage oil extraction helps eliminate Trimethylamine, total volatile nitrogen and other oxidative elements producing a highly purified fish oil supplement.

LONG LASTING SUPPLY; manufactured in the USA with premium quality, each bottle provides 30 servings, and provides 145mg EFAÕs in every serving.


Product Description

KRILL OIL: ULTRA PURE KRILL OIL FOR ADVANCED HEALTH! Do you lead a healthy lifestyle and rather than cheaper fish oils, you would like the very latest, ultra-potent Omega 3 Krill Oil? Rather than cheap krill oil supplements, would you like an ultra-premium Krill Oil Supplement with naturally high levels of health supporting antioxidants? If so, Naturo Sciences Krill Oil is the perfect choice! Manufactured from the highest quality 100% K-REAL Krill Oil, our Krill Oil delivers 145mg essential fatty acids in every serving, for a potent omega 3 supplement, perfect for improving cardiovascular and joint health! Using advanced K-REAL Krill Oil, our Krill Oil is a premium supplement, produced through a multi stage oil extraction process which removes impurities, including Trimethylamine, total volatile nitrogen and other oxidative elements, while preserving natural levels of the antioxidant Astaxanthin and eliminating the unpleasant fish odor, for a highly purified, easily consumed supplement, and is absorbed more efficiently than traditional fish based oils! Our Krill Oil is a premium product, with a number of key benefits: 100% K-REAL Krill Oil, for a premium, ultra-pure formula, rich in antioxidants. - Multi stage extraction enhances absorption for better bio-efficiency compared to fish based oils. - Naturally high in Astaxathin for a potent antioxidant boost. - Each bottle contains 30 servings for a convenient, long lasting supply. - Each serving provides 1000mg K-REAL Krill Oil for 145mg health promoting essential fatty acids. If you're tired of cheap krill oil supplements that provide small quantities of essential fatty acids, and would like a premium, ultra pure Krill Oil formula free from impurities, our Krill Oil is perfect!