ApeX Original 8" Santoku Knife Chef's Knife with Free Insulated Case

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Product Information

Product code: 14519 UPC: 641022465653 Brand: Color: Brushed Stainless Steel


Closing out our Santoku Knife at $18.95, featuring an extra large 8" razor sharp 420 Stainless Steel blade. Razor sharp right out of the box!

COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT -5" composite handle that's shipped in a fitted case, so it's easy to open and store. Also lighter than most Chef Knifes, the perfectly balanced weight distribution adds comfort when holding the knife and allows for versatility.

Hand Honed & Finished in the USA

CUTS EVERYTHING -The ApeX Original 8" Santoku Knife is versatile enough to cut any fruit, vegetable, or meat without having to change knives, this is why it's quickly becoming many chef's "GOTO" chef knife. The dimples on both sides of the blade to reduce friction and downward force when slicing through food.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We stand behind the handcrafted quality of every ApeX Original 8" Santoku Knife.


Product Description

The Apex Original 8" Santoku E.F.S. All Purpose Chef's Knife was engineered for balance and to be razor sharp. Let us stress, the E.F.S. (Extremely Forking Sharp). The Santoku kitchen knife has become the GOTO knife for both professional chefs and passionate family gourmets. Our Santoku knife features an extra long 8 inch blade (as compared to the more common 6-7 inch blade) for greater cutting versatility without sacrificing handling. The ApeX Original Santoku Knife feature a 5" composite handle and dimples on the both sides of the blade to help the knife glide through almost any food with ease. Our knife is excellent for slicing fruits/vegetables, meats, and fish. The perfectly balanced weight distribution adds comfort when holding the knife and keeps you in control of the blade. You can confidently use our knife regardless of your cutting style. So, if you cut using a European rocking motion or a Japanese slicing motion this is the knife you have been looking for.