Aquamira Frontier Replacement Virus Filter for Aquamira Water Bottle

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Product Information

Product code: 26112 UPC: 877267000285 Brand: Color: Red


Replacement filter for Frontier Filtered Water Bottle

Easy to Use. RED Line filter removes over 99.999% of Viruses, bacteria, crypto, and giardia

Fits the standard 22oz Aquamira Bottle

Replacement virus filter for the Aquamira Frontier 22 Oz Water Bottle; filters up to 120 gallons and allows you to drinkly safely no matter your location

Replacement filter treats up to 120 gallons of water

Removes greater than 99.9999% of bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, chlorine, as well as Viruses; also removes bad tastes and odors

Replaceable filter option eliminates the need to purchase another bottle; flow rate of 500 ml/minute when you need clean water fast

Made in USA


Product Description

The Series II Green Line replaceable filter removes greater than 99.9999% of bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, chlorine, bad tastes and odors. When heading abroad or to areas prone to viruses, our Series II Red Line replaceable filter offers added virus protection. With the best flow rate (500 ml/minute) of any water filter bottle on the market and an ergonomic design, gaining access to clean drinking water has never been so easy. When you need more than just great tasting drinking water, turn to the newly re-designed Frontier Filtered Water Bottle by Aquamira. Part of the McNett family of brands, Aquamira Technologies Inc. is passionate about water and great at innovative technology. A leader in water treatment systems and purification products, Aquamira provides easy, safe drinking water anywhere. For over three decades, McNett has been providing you with the Essentials for Adventure.