Aranyik Khao Men Natural Whetstone - Fine: 2000 Grit + (9X3X3" - 6.5 PDS AVG)

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Product Information

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Extra Large Cuts for Large Knives - Lifetime or More of Use

All Natural Whetstone - Mineral Formation from Oxygen Deprived Bog

Extremely Rare Stone from Quarry in Southern Thailand

Grit Determined through Scratch Pattern Comparison with 2000 Grit Diamond Plate

Use with water only, No Oil, Not Dry, Water can be mixed with soap.


Product Description

Khao Men is a Finishing Stone, it is very fine, and somewhat soft, it is very close to Japanese Tsushima Nagura, and much finer than Japanese Aoto or Monzen. It is a water stone, for use with water only. Can not be used with oil, can not be used dry. It is similar to all fine Japanese waterstones that must be used with water. Khao Men Natural Whetstone grit was estimated for the scratch pattern left on steel. First a knife was sharpened on 2000 grit diamond plate. Afterwards when sharpening on Khao Men, the polish improved. The stone is highly recommended for professionals sharpening single bevel knives like razors, chisels, and planes. For large knives, with thick convex bevels, it can still be done, however pressure and skill will be very important. Please keep in mind that 2000 grit sandpaper will not smooth a rough piece of wood, and likewise the effect of Khao Men will be highly dependent on how well you prepared the edge on coarse and medium stones. The stone was selected, lapped, sealed, and top polished by Miles Ratanaprukpan. The stone was cut by lapidary saw square, then set to flat by 80 grit diamond disks. Following this all corners were knocked off slightly, and the edges chamfered to avoid chipping. Then the stones were rinsed, dried, and then rinsed again. Then dried, then cleaned with 70% alcohol. Following this the working side was marked, and and all other sides were sealed with lacquer. Then the lacquer was wet sanded with 300 grit sandpaper, then rinsed, then another coat of lacquer applied. This was repeated for a total of 10 coats of lacquer. Then the top was relapped, with 80,120,250,300,550, and 800 grit diamond plates. Following this the top was finished with small pieces of Khao Men Nagura