ARCOS 10-Inch Riviera Range Spanish Ham Slicing Knife with White Handle

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Product Information

Product code: 13324 Brand: Color: White


Arcos Riviera 10 inch white handle forged flexible Spanish Serrano ham knife specially designed for slicing very thin pieces of ham

State-of-the-art made blade ensures high cutting power ( over 100 mm ) and long edge retention (over 350 mm)

Made of hardened and tempered forged NITRUM stainless steel

Features an ergonomic and elegant design providing balance and a comfort grip; Its granton edge avoids slices from sticking onto the blade

Precise cutting tool used by professional chefs worldwide


Product Description

ARCOS leading European knife manufacturer, producing knives 100 % made in Spain since 1745, introduces Riviera white handle series. Specially designed for carving very thin slices of Spanish Serrano ham the Arcos Riviera white handle 10 inch flexible forged granton edge knife is one of Arcos finest cutting tools. Its perfectly finished handle shows very soft curves that provide a perfect grip and comfortable handle. The granton edge avoid slices from sticking onto the blade. Recalls the classic French forged style with a touch of modernity and elegance. This line is perfect for those who look for a light forged knife and cares about design, but values the traditional balance, resistance and perfect grip provided by the classic French forged style The blade is made of forged NITRUM stainless steel. If offers durability, toughness, is razor sharp and rust resistant. The handle scales are made of polyoxymethylene (POM) and is highly resistant to impact, abrasion and solvents. Rivets are made of stainless steel ensuring extremely high corrosion resistance. Originally Arcos produced knives exclusively for the professional. Due to its high cutting power ( over 100 mm ) and long edge retention ( over 350 mm) which made Arcos knives leader in the commercial market, now Arcos knives are also available for the end users that wants to feel in theirs hands a precise cutting tool used by professional chefs worldwide.