Aristocrat Homewares - Complete Premium 21 pc BBQ Grill Set - Includes Meat Thermometer and Meat Injector Set- Nothing else

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Product Information

Product code: 13770 UPC: 640746327360 Brand: Color: Black


All the essential tools & accessories needed to be a barbecue master!

Includes a temperature gauge for perfectly cooked meals every time. No more guessing!

Features a marinade infusion set & a basting brush - Add flavor with ease and precision.

Barbecue spatula designed with a handy bottle opener and serrated edges for easy cutting. PLUS- tongs, large knife, large fork, grill brush and basting brush, AND 8 corn holders and 4 skewers - everything you need to barbecue with style.

Made with stainless steel and stored in a convenient aluminum case. Comes with a lifetime guarantee! Order your complete barbecue set now - also makes a great gift.


Product Description

The Aristocrat Homewares Complete Premium BBQ Grill Set includes all the accessories you'll ever need to impress your friends, family, and neighbors at your next backyard barbecue. The set is conveniently stored in a compact, high quality aluminum case but is loaded with top tier tools and utensils including: a meat thermometer, a meat marinade injector set with two needles, tongs, a large knife, a large fork, four skewers, eight corn holders, a basting brush, a grill brush, and a spatula specially designed with a handy bottle opener and dual serrated edges for easy cutting and separating. (See photos above) With all these accessories, there's no need to purchase additional pieces or worry about not having the right tool for the job. Every item in the set is made from durable stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, and comes with a lifetime guarantee! Order yours today!