Assassin Ninja Kyoketshu-Shogei Knife

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Product Information

Product code: 5498 UPC: 744633187034 Brand: Color: Black


Stainless Steel Gut Hook Blade

Oval Metal Guard, Black Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle

Chain Hook Pommel

Black Nylon Belt Pouch With Snap Closure

Measures 11 1/2" Overall


Product Description

For the first time you can have your own Kyoketshu-Shogei knife. It has a stainless steel gut hook blade followed by a solid oval metal guard and a black nylon cord wrapped handle. It also features a unique design with a chain hook on the handle. The chain could be used for clinging and ensnaring an target, binding an enemy, flinging the blade for a distance strike, and more. This Assassin Ninja Knife comes equipped with a black nylon belt pouch for easy carrying and a snap clip closure. Measures 11 1/2" overall.