Attakus Asterix: Julius Caesar (Red Toga Version) Mini-Bust

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Product Information

Product code: 7881 Brand:


Imported from France

Based on the character from the beloved series of Asterix graphic albums and films

Stands 8 3/4" tall

Limited to 1550 pieces worldwide

Each statue comes with a certificate of authenticity


Product Description

Imported from France. One of the Roman Republic's greatest military minds, Julius Caesar campaigned in western Europe and brought Gaul and Britain under the rule of the Senators of far distant Roman. Time and again, the Gaul Asterix matched wits with Caesar to protect his village from the Roman's depredations, and this statue in Attakus' Petibonum Collection brings the noble Roman to stunning life. Standing 8 3/4" tall atop a base that resembles chiseled granite, Julius Caesar is made of resin and is limited to 1550 pieces. Each statue comes numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.