Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife - 8" Blade Dau - the Chopping Knife with Dark Brown Leather Sheath-Handmade by Gurkha Kukri

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Product Information

Product code: 26910 UPC: 616913946498 Brand: Color: dark


Authentic Kukri from Official Supplier Gurkhas in Nepal- 8" Dau Chapping Knife- Handmade by Gurkha Kukri House or GKH-Nepal-Warehoused in US for Easy, Fast & Cheap shipping.

Handcrafted by the famous & very skilled "Bishwakarmas" (Kaami or blacksmith) using very high quality materials in a very traditional manner.

Blade is Semi-polished blade, Sharp edge, Full tang, Great for Heavy duty outdoor work.

8"Blade with 5" Dark Rosewood handle, Overall length 13", thickness about 3/8" at Spine.

Made of Carbon Steel 5160 metal,full tang handle,This is the Kitchen Knife for bone chopping and good for outdoor. It weighs about 1.76 lb with sheath.


Product Description

8" Blade Dau - the Chopping Knife: "Dau" means meat chopping Knife in Nepalese terminology. Nepalese people especially butcher use this knife to cut meat and bone into pieces or similar tasks. The weight of the knife is divided into the blade and handle in such a way that the maximum force can be generated on the blade while using it. Handle and blade is same piece of spring and blade is tempered with pouring cold water while it is heated while making process. The Balance temper on the edge and blade makes it very strong to cut bones. Handle is made of dark Indian Rosewood. This knife can be use for in Kitchen as well as outdoor for campaigning. Each area of the knife is made to execute several functions with ease. the overall length of the Kukri is 13 inches with 8" semi-polished blade and 5" full tang handle. Simple and improved sheath with belt loop is made of processed dark brown leather. It Weighs about 1.75 lb or (700 grams) with sheath. The craftsmanship on this knife is amazing so if you are looking for the finest quality working kitchen or bone chopping knife you will not be disappointed. Blade Hardness: Spine: 22-25 RC, Belly: 45-46 RC, Edge: 58-60 RC, Steel Type: 5160 Car Spring This is handcrafted knife therefore please note that each one might have slight variations in measurement.