Auto Vynamics - STENCIL-KNIFESET01-20 - Detailed Handheld Weapons Stencil Set - Includes Everything From Knives To Brass Knuckles! - 20-by-20-inch

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Product Information

Product code: 18408 UPC: 720189853913 Brand: Color: White


Detailed Handheld Weapons Stencil Set - Includes Everything From Knives To Brass Knuckles!

Available in 2 different sizes!

Reusable, safe, non-toxic, and recyclable!

Stencil material resists inks, paints, and stains!

(2) Piece Kit - 20-by-20-inch Sheets


Product Description

Product Description:Auto Vynamics is proud to offer our new series of craft stencils all about handheld weapons! Featuring silhouettes of classic handheld weapons from knives to axes, and brass knuckles to batons, these stencils are sure to add a tough, aggressive attitude wherever you use 'em! These stencils are perfect for art projects, airbrush (air brush), decorating bedrooms or play rooms, science fairs, clubhouses or tree forts, nurseries, or even tattoo designs / temporary tattoos! As well as being a great help with drawing, sketching cartoons, posters, and signs, these stencils are a fun gift for boys, girls, kids / children, teens / teenagers, and even adults!About The Material:All Auto Vynamics stencils are made from 10-mm / .010-inch thick Synthetic Stencil Board (SSB) semi-rigid coated polyethylene stencil material. SSB material is tough! This material is reusable, safe, non-toxic, and recyclable. It resists inks, paints, and stains, and can withstand up to 180-degrees Fahrenheit application temperature. The coating on SSB material also protects against runs and smears that are common with plastic stencils.Note:Auto Vynamics stencils are provided in die cut sheets - While looking at a stencil's design keep in mind that anywhere there's "black" that part of the stencil is hollow.Product Info:Number of Stencil Sheets: 2Stencil Design Type: Detailed Handheld Weapons Stencil SetAdditional Design Info: Includes Everything From Knives To Brass Knuckles!Stencil Size: 20-by-20-inch Sheets