AvoLoop - Fast peel any fruit or soft vegetable with ease. Avocado Slicer Peeler Pitter Scooper, Mango Corer, Kiwi Fruit

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Product Information

Product code: 15313 UPC: 040232215650 Brand: Color: Green


EASY TO USE: Avocado Slicer, Pitter, Peeler! Mango Slicer, Peeler and Kiwi Fruit Tool. Dishwasher safe. Separates the Skin or Rind From Fruits and Vegetables in Seconds with Virtually No Waste. 3 Tools in 1 package.

SIMPLE, SAFE, KNIFE FREE way to prepare your favorites! Avocado Butter, Oil, Mango Salsa, African, Red, and Philippine Mangos, Mango Butter, Kiwi slices, Mango juice, Mango Pure Cleanse. One tool set does it all!

CHILD SAFE AND FAST to use! No blades to cut small hands and no waste! Eat every yummy bit. Great for fruit or vegetable salads.

GREAT GIFTS for the Foody and Chef in your life. Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary, Barbeque, Football Party or just to make food preparation easy and fun!

COMPARE OUR TOOL TO: Oxo, Trudeau, Pampered Chef, Chef'n, Norpro, Amco, Nature's Kitchen, ProductsHub, Tovolo, Jokari, Evriholder, MSC Skin Care + Home, All Ware, Woodi, Culinary Elements. You'll love it!


Product Description

About The Amazing AvoLoop No more messy, mushy, gloopy messes! Avocado Guacamole in minutes with no waste! Simply cut your Avocado, Mango or Kiwi in half and press the loop along the outer peel from top to bottom in a scooping motion. The AvoLoop quickly and safely separates the skin and you are done. The Chef in your life will love it. And the person who hates to cook will love you even more! Get out of the kitchen with no muss, no fuss and easy clean up. Works Like a Charm on: - Avocado - Mango - Kiwi - Papaya - Baked Potato - Squash - Melons - Bell Peppers - takes out the ribs easily! - Pumpkins Better buy two! You are going to love this tool so much you'll want your best friend to have one too!