Custom Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife - Double Edge Blade - Beautiful Workmanship

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Product Information

Product code: 12143 UPC: 727908419122 Brand: Color: Black


Be aware! Seller "worldwide trader" is selling fake copies of our knives. We have no connection with them.BUY FROM SELLER "Perkin Knives" ONLY, We do not have Any other Branch Or Retailer on Amazon. 200 layers of 1095 and 15N25

56-58 Hrc on rockwel scale

Damascus Steel Over 200 Layers

comes with Handmade Leather Sheath



Product Description

Overall Length : 11.0 inches, Damascus blade length: 6.0 inch, Bone and Buffalo Horn Handle :5.0 inches. Only Over 18's Can Buy this Item.