Dremel 6700-01 Sharpening Station for Drill Bits, Knives, Chisels and Scissors

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Product Information

Product code: 5245 UPC: 080596038564 Brand: Color: Black


Versatile Sharpening System for drill bits, knives, chisels, scissors & more

Diamond sharpening wheel provides hundreds of sharp edges

Chisel and plane guide with magnetic blade holder and spark guard

Drill bit guide with bit holder and alignment tool

Dedicated sharpening guides help you get the perfect edge


Product Description

The Dremel Sharpening Station is a multi-purpose sharpener that allows you to extend the life of a variety DIY tools and accessories including knives, scissors, drill bits, chisels and planer blades. Designed for users wanting to save money by extending the life of commonly used household accessories, the sharpener is ideal for those who have items requiring frequent sharpening. Its compact size enables table-top use and the three dedicated guides that help get the perfect edge store conveniently on the tool when not in use. The diamond-coated steel sharpening wheel is durable and will not distort over time, providing smooth and consistent edges for the life of the tool. Instruction manual and links to online demonstration videos included.