Global G-12 - 6 1/2 inch, 16cm Meat Cleaver

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Product Information

Product code: 20236 Brand: Color: Stainless Steel


Square-bladed meat cleaver designed to butcher and cut through bones

Constructed entirely of stainless steel; bolsterless design for full edge use

Razorsharp straight edge sharpened by hand at a 15 percent angle

Hollow handle weighted for balance; black synthetic grips provide a slip-free hold

Lightweight for agility; blade measures 6-1/2 inches; hand washing preferred


Product Description

GLOBAL's greatest endorsement comes from its competitors. As a reaction to GLOBAL's success, kitchen knives are evolving. All major knife manufacturers continue to introduce new knives adopting more and more of GLOBAL's revolutionary features. Even manufacturers of those black handled, three riveted, full boltstered, heavy, beveled-edge knives do not believe in their product any more. Why should you? GLOBAL has razorsharp straight edge sharpened by hand at a 15% angle. Thinner blades for lighter weight giving you more agility with less fatigue. Perfect balance using a weighted hollow handle. No bolster design allowing for full edge use and full-blade sharpening. All stainless steel construction with slip free handle.