Kershaw Knives Brawler

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Product Information

Product code: 20529 UPC: 087171033044 Brand: Color: Black


Handle Material: glass filled nylon


Product Description

The brawler starts with a modified tanto bladea shape often found in tactical and rescue knives that may be required to punch through tough materials.nthe tanto is an ideal shape for these piercing tasks because there is plenty of metal to support the point, making it stronger than many other blade shapes. Youll notice that the top of the brawlers blade has a grind, too. This is called a swedge; it helps narrow the blade, adding to its piercing power. At the same time, the brawlers straight belly offers excellent cutting capacity, is perfect for bearing down on a task, and is easy to resharpen.nall this makes the brawler an excellent utility knife. The brawlers handle is just as functional. The angled handle curves into the palm of the users hand. Jimping on the back of the blade offers additional traction. With the blade deployed, the flipper doubles as a finger guard and provides additional hand protection during knife use. For fast and easy one-handed opening, the brawler is