Leather Milk Furniture Treatment Formula No. 5 | Leather Furniture Conditioner & Cleaner: Repair & Protect Couches, Sofas, Chairs, Seats

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Product Information

Product code: 21031 UPC: 610395150824 Brand: Color: White


BRING YOUR OLD FURNITURE BACK TO LIFE: No matter how old your leather is, our Furniture Treatment No. 5 cleans and conditions sofas, couches, chairs, ottomans, stools, recliners, sectionals and more and restores your beloved leather to look like new again. Imagine that old couch you love, looking healthy, hydrated, and alive again-- just like the day you bought it.

FIX DRY, DULL, SCRATCHED LEATHER - Is your furniture looking a bit used and abused? You can fix all that wear and tear with a good conditioner. Our formula has a consistency that's not too thick and applies effortlessly and fast that will leave your leather feeling soft, supple, moisturized and alive. Customers have told us our formula is perfect for wiping down a couch. This will NOT make your leather look greasy or feel sticky like other products do.

ALL-NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE, GREAT SMELLING -Some conditioners use unnatural chemicals in their products that leave a weird smell and make your leather feel sticky or greasy. You want to avoid these at all costs! Our formulas are water based and contain vital oils that nourish and strengthen leather. Leather Milk is imbued with a pleasing, light almond scent that dissipates quickly after use.

ONLY LEATHER CARE RECIPE TRUSTED BY SADDLEBACK LEATHER - Our formula is so good that it's the only recipe trusted by Saddleback Leather Company-- maker of some of the best looking, highest-quality leather goods you'll ever find. Each and every Saddleback Leather product is conditioned with Leather Milk before being shipped out to customers.

FREE REUSABLE COTTON TERRY APPLICATOR PAD - For best results, apply Leather Milk to the reusable applicator pad and rub thoroughly into your leather goods. We supply you with a cotton terry pad because we've found it to be the best applicator for leather goods and it's reusable so it cuts down on environmental waste!


Product Description

PREMIUM CONSISTENCY, ALL-NATURAL, LEATHER FURNITURE CONDITIONER FOR RESTORING SOFAS, COUCHES, CHAIRS, OTTOMANS AND OTHER LEATHER FURNITURE. Give your furniture some TLC with our safe, easy to apply, Furniture Treatment No. 5 Does your leather furniture have some wear and tear? Would you like a natural treatment that will rescue your leather making it look new again-- just like the day you bought it? Get the only furniture conditioner and cleaner trusted by Saddleback Leather, specifically designed to safely clean your leather furniture and restore it's beautiful look. ★ Milky, water-based leather conditioner containing remarkable leather enriching ingredients ★ All-natural, chemical-free, subtle luscious cherry fragrance ★ Gives couches, loveseats, chairs, footrests, bedroom and dining room furniture a gentle and more thorough cleaning treatment Furniture Treatment No. 5 is the perfect remedy for leather frequently exposed to spills, stains and human touch, keeping it healthy, supple and new. 100% Made in USA! Our all-natural recipes are designed to condition, clean, strengthen, preserve, beautify and restore your leather without overloading it with heavy cream, honey oils or toxic chemicals. WHY Leather Milk? ★ We are leather specialists from Fort Worth, Texas and we eat, sleep, and live for leather care. We know exactly what you expect and want for your leather and we make premium products that are safe to use and will prolong the life of your leather goods. ★ Our Leather recipes will keep your leather looking good for as long as they last! We are absolutely convinced of the quality of our products and we give you a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of them! If you are not satisfied with one of our products, you will get your Money back, simple as that. FREE COTTON PAD FOR APPLICATION TRY LEATHER MILK TODAY!