Magnum 01MB180DAM Damascus Knife with 2-1/2 in. Straight Edge Blade, Bone

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Product Information

Product code: 10538 UPC: 788857021019 Brand: Color: 0


Genuine forged, 37-layer Damascus blade

Sturdy backlock mechanism

Damascus blade and bolsters

Blade length: 2 1/2 inches. Overall length: 5 7/8 inches. Weight: 3.2 oz.

Limited lifetime warranty


Product Description

The Magnum Damascus Bone Knife is a collector’s item that follows the ancient tradition of Damascus steelsmithing. The forged Damascus steel gives the blade an attractive, wavy pattern. Damascus steel was once the subject of legend and mythology. Swords forged of the material were rumored to be able to cut through rifle barrels. Obviously, these claims are exaggerated, but they make clear the incredible respect ancient sword smiths had for the material. The bone hilt perfectly complements this elegant crafting process. Damascus steel bracers finish off the look of this dazzling knife. Limited lifetime warranty. A chestnut tree is the world famous trademark of the Boker knife manufactory in Solingen, Germany. It represents innovative, high quality, exceptional knives, manufactured with pride, by hand, for over 145 years. The length of the blade is 2 1/2 inches. and the overall length is 5 7/8 inches. It weighs 3.2 oz.