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Product Information

Product code: 27255 UPC: 820103228145 Brand: Color: Stainless Steel, Black Housing


15+ Function multi-tool, heavy-duty, chrome plated stainless steel; carrying case included

4" when closed; 6" with either pliers or tools opened; 9" overall length with all tools extended

This is a FULL-SIZE tool, not the micro or mini tools that are too small to use

Black matte exterior covering the metal tool housing provides a better non-slip grip

One of the best pocket-sized multi-tools around for catering to your inner "MacGyver"!


Product Description

BRAND NEW, FULL-SIZE, 15 FUNCTION MULTI-TOOL WITH CASE. Made from quality chrome-plated stainless steel, each versatile folding Multi-Tool is really a mini-workshop in your pocket. A handy snap cover case with a built-in belt loop (fits belts up to about 2" wide) for easy access and added portability is also included. No need to ever buy another multi-tool again! Practical yet amazingly versatile and durable, this Multi-Tool is sure to impress with its heavy-duty components. Comes fully loaded with the following essential functions: 1] Large knife blade, 2] Small knife blade (doubles as an awl/punch), 3] Medium Slotted (Flat Tip) Screwdriver, 4] Bottle Opener, 5] Large Slotted Screwdriver, 6] Regular Pliers (nut/bolt gripper), 7] Needle-Nose Pliers, 8] Wire Cutter, 9] Fish Hook Remover/Scaler, 10] Saw, 11] 3" Ruler (inch scale), 12] File, 13] Small Slotted Screwdriver, 14] Phillips Screwdriver, 15] Can Opener. The tool is 9" overall length fully opened with all tools extended, 6" in length with either pliers or tools opened, and then folds to just 4" when closed. Also, most other brands of multi-tools are bare metal - this one offers a ruggedly handsome hard plastic exterior with black matte finish that covers the metal tool housing to make holding onto the tool easier and less likely to slip. Women will appreciate this tool also as it is small enough to fit in a purse or glove box and is so very practical and useful to have around. Put one in a kitchen drawer for the whole family to use. It feels solid and weighty in the hand, yet weighs in under a mere 6 ounces. Similar to Gerber, Leatherman, SOG, Swiss Army and Stanley products but at a fraction of the cost, this is one of the best pocket-sized multi-tools around for catering to your inner "MacGyver"! These tools are perfect for home, work, outdoor recreation, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, military, industrial, mechanical, or survival use - plus they make great gifts or stocking stuffers!