OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter

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Product Information

Product code: 7773 UPC: 091511600674 Brand: Color: Yellow


Effortlessly cut perfect circles from 1-1/2" to 8-3/4"

Patented ratchet handle aligns the hand and wrist to help reduce wrist fatigue

Handle design creates a "stirring the soup" cutting motion, preventing uncomfortable twisting or strain on the wrist

Built-in blade cover and plastic pivot spike guard for safety when not in use

Includes and fits the OLFA 18mm rotary blade


Product Description

Whether you're right- or left-handed, you can easily cut circles with this OLFA circle cutter. To cut perfect circles, from 1-1/2" to 8-3/4", use a clockwise stirring-the-soup motion. The patented ratchet handle aligns your hand and wrist to help reduce wrist fatigue. Use the cutter to create Yo Yos, crescents, circle appliqué and penny rug circles from fabric, felt, fleece or paper.