Professional 10" Meat Cutting Knife -the Ultimate 100% Steel Slicing Knife - Slice Meat Like the Pros

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Product Information

Product code: 5384 UPC: 666671457132 Brand: Color: Black


QUALITY - this 10 inch solid steel, razor sharp slicing knife comes standard with a dimpled blade for easy food release and a triple riveted comfort grip handle for maximum durability and precision.

EASY PEASY - this lifechanging tool is made from food grade steel, it's dishwasher safe, and most importantly saves you time when making delicious homemade beef jerky - you know, so you can spend that time eating it :)

VERSATILE - this knife works well with any meat type and can also be used for vegatables and fruits - don't be afraid to think outside of the jerky world

APPROVED BY JERKY PROFESSIONALS - there can only be one Ultimate Jerky Slicing Knife, and this is it - period!


Product Description

Making jerky like the pros starts with the perfect cut of meat, hence the ultimate jerky slicing knife. This 10" long, 100% quality steel custom knife is highlighted by a dimpled blade design for easy food release and smoother cuts. We also took into consideration the ergonomics of the overall design. The triple riveted comfort-fit handle and balance of the jerky knife is ideal for consistent cuts and less effort during each batch of jerky.As if that wasn't enough, you'll also take comfort in knowing that it's designed by real jerky-making professionals who've been doing this for years. Our jerky carving knife is simple, yet EXTREMELY effective for making the perfect batch of jerky time and time again.The Jerky Slicing Knife is just one of many effective "tools" in our 'Make Jerky Like the Pros' system. For those items and other cool products please check out our official JERKY Amazon Store.