Sentry Solutions TUF-GLIDE Needle Applicator, 1/2-Ounce

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Product Information

Product code: 6593 UPC: 796793224890 Brand: Color: Wood/Brass


Oil-free lubrication & protection for all your firearms & gear; Use with TUF-CLOTH, for 100% oil-free protection against rust, friction and wear

Slick action in all conditions and temperatures - won't thicken from cold or thin out from heat

Displaces water, resists grit and dirt Keeps guns and gear clean and running smoother and longer


Product Description

Oil-free technology provides a revolutionary upgrade from oil and silicone; delivers lubrication and protection for today's firearms, knives, tactical gear and collectibles. Quick clean on your gun bench, the range or in the field. Slick action in any temperature - won't thicken from cold or thin out from heat Stops rust Micro-bonded shield Displaces moisture Gives metal a non-stick barrier Grit-free reliability Great for all conditions, metals & finishes, safe for wood and plastic.