Survival Multi Tool - RumbaDock Survival Gear Tools 14-1 Credit Card Multitool- Best SAS Survival Kit Multi-tool- Ideal for Fishing

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Product Information

Product code: 8554 UPC: 611138306140 Brand: Color: Black


• 14+ Survival Kit Functions built into a stainless steel, credit card sized multitool.

• Stainless steel construction, Durable, Rust-free sharpness. Designed for safe handling and usability.

Fits in Wallet / Pocket / Purse - Credit Card Sized Multi-tool -Better than a pocket knife

Mulitipurpose Tool Perfect for: Campers, Hikers, Fisherman, Hunters, Bikers Mechanics, Handyman, Military, Projects around the house, Emergency Pack and Disaster Preparedness Kit

Pocket Rescue Tool for SAS Survival Kit, Fishing Survival Kit, Emergency Kit, Camping Gear, Survival Kit, Car Emergency Kit, Urban Survival Kit, Apocolypse Survival Kit, or backpacking


Product Description

This Survival Multitool is an essential tool for your survival kit, fishing kit, Home Repair Tool Kit or camping tools, or Survival Gear Kit. It is durable, and virtually unbendable with normal usage. The tool comes with close to two feet of cord for shelter building or a rugged bow string or multiple uses in a survival situation. This is compact and could fit in a wallet or hunting / fishing kit. Some advertise this tool as a key tool for their zombie apocolypse survival kit. But no matter, it is a really cool durable tool. The blades aren't overly sharp for safe handling and survival / camping gear storage, but can be sharpened up on a stone for more precision cutting. This is an essential multitool for outdoor survival kits and emergency packs because it is so versitile. It has 14 advertised functions even though it's usable functions are only limited to creativity. It could be fashioned into a rugged hatchet for chopping, or a nail pryer. The cord could be used to tie together a shelter, hang food out of reach of animals, as a first aid tourniquet, or make-shift bow string. The functions aren't only limited to survival, as it can just as easily be used to as an envelope opener and box cutter. Add this to your Cart today and enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee!