Top Rated Epica Stainless Steel Cleaver/Chopper - 7-Inch Blade - Heavy Duty - Full Tang - Hollow Ground Edge -

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Product Information

Product code: 9165 UPC: 743724427301 Brand: Color: stainless steel


PROFESSIONAL CHEF QUALITY FOR THE HOME COOK: Perfectly weight-balanced with a precision cut hollow ground edge and an ergonomic seamless full tang handle. High grade X30cr13 stainless steel.

WEIGHT-BALANCED FOR EFFORTLESS CHOPPING: The high-grade ice-tempered stainless steel will cut through thick chops, roasts, steaks and even melons and squashes without effort or fuss.

ERGONOMIC NON-SLIP GRIP HANDLE: Full tang knives are the strongest because they are one solid piece. The grip is bonded seamlessly to the handle - the knife feels like an extension of your hand.

MEATS WON'T STICK TO THE HOLLOW GROUND EDGE: Chopping and cutting goes faster when you don't continually haveto stop to separate ingredients stuck to the knife blade.

100% LIFETIME WARRANTY: Your Epica Cleaver purchase is no-risk and completely covered by our exclusive lifetime warranty.


Product Description

Ice-Tempered Steel Holds Its Edge And Stays Sharper, Longer This classic Chinese-style cleaver has been prized by professional chefs for generations because it easily powers through jobs that an average kitchen knife can't handle. Break down an entire chicken in seconds, chop through a rack of lamb chops with ease, go through a whole coconut like slicing butter. X30cr13 Stainless Steel for Exceptional Hardness and Strength Knife aficionados know that X30cr13 stainless steel is preferred for high performance cutting tools like professional restaurant knives, medical instruments and industrial machinery. That's why you can trust the Epica Cleaver to stand up to years of heavy use. Meat Slides Right Off The Hollow Ground Edge You'll chop and cut your way through any meat, vegetable, or melon in a fraction of the time it took you before because your ingredients won't stick to the blade. The full tang and ergonomic non-slip grip handle make this your favorite new cleaver. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee And Lifetime Warranty Purchase and use this cleaver with absolute confidence. Your Epica knife is covered by our exclusive lifetime warranty. Order Your New Epica Stainless Steel Cleaver/Chopper Today and Discover the Epica Difference for Yourself - You'll Never Again Settle for Less.