ZHEN Japanese Steel 8-Inch Chef's Knife and 7-Inch Santoku Knife Set

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Product Information

Product code: 8852 UPC: 799632161219 Brand: Color: Silver


Made with Top grade 440C Japanese High Carbon stainless steel, HRC 56-58 hardness

Package includes 1 set of chef knife + paring knife AND 1 set of santoku knife + paring knife

Hollow ground air pocket design to prevent food from sticking to knife body

Integrated stainless steel handle to prevent slip & create comfortable holding

Long-lasting sharp edge designed for cutting meats, vegetables and fruit; DO NOT Chop bones; Steel is imported from Japan and quality made in Taiwan


Product Description

This super sharp Japanese stainless steel knife is made of 440C high carbon steel, which increases toughness, improves stain resistance and prolongs knife life. The prefect weight balanced full length handle are made of stainless steel which is durable, non-slip, easy to clean, waterproof, bacteria-resist, comfortable and beautiful. All in one stainless steel handle design are a metal extension of the blade with a comfortable grip. The package comes with one set of chef knife set and one set of Santoku knife set. Each set is packed with nice blister packaging. DO NOT chop bone or use knife on hard surface like glass cutting board, tile and granite. Hand-wash your blades with gentle dish soap, rinse clean and towel dry immediately. Hone your blades with a steel or ceramic rod weekly to keep it sharp. Recommend to sharpen your blades with a whetstone at an angle of 15 - 20 degrees. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Package includes: Chef knife 8" x 1.8" x 2.0 mm + Paring knife 5" x 1.1" x 2.5 mm AND Santoku knife 7" x 2" x 2.0 mm + Paring knife 5.5" x 1.7" x 2.5 mm.